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The Big Lead: Monday Read Option: Robert Griffin Iii And Washington Get Off To Another Slow Start


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The narrative on Robert Griffin III has turned. This was entirely predictable, because it is how it works. You get built up to get knocked down. The slow starts by the Washington offense in two consecutive games has lead to the calls about Robert Griffin being ready. Tony Dungy last night suggested that he would bench Robert Griffin III in favor of Kirk Cousins. This makes me think Dungy should thank his lucky stars that he had Peyton Manning.


For those that see red-blue in a two item pattern and assume that it is red-blue-red-blue-red-blue forever, this is just confirmation that Griffin is rusty, racking up garbage yards, and we know those don’t count. Before we go deeper, here is a key audiovisual breakdown of an important play that sums up the Griffin criticism.


Oh wait, that’s a graphic at the start of the second half showing the first half stats. In the first game against Philadelphia, Washington could not move the ball early. In this one, it was a matter of some key third downs where the Packers beat them. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ball, it was ugly.


Pretty good read. Can't argue with too much in there. I thought RG3 played much better than he did against Philly. Still not back to the the RG3 of old, but he's going in the right direction.


The main problems right now are the OL and the defense (mainly the defense). RG3 is far from the problem right now. If anyone thinks otherwise, they aren't watching the same game.

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What makes me sad is, Capers was able to mix up his defensive calls and disguise his blitzes. Would be nice to have that kind if creativity from our defensive coordinator.

I think Has is too afraid of leaving the secondary on islands.  We've seen him mix things up but only when he trusts his secondary (end of the year last year comes to mind).

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