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Forbath Questionable, Backup Plan In Place

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A Groin injury for a kicker is no laughing matter. This kind of thing can linger & create accuracy problems not to mention leg strength is diminished. This could be a real problem considering that we're probably going to be in a few games where it'll come down to a last minute FG. We're going to need him at 100% for the long haul. I hope that this thing is a 1 time deal because I've never heard of our..."back up plan".


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god i hope it ain't oh!no! gano

i missim siesham

wide right condiff


hope forbath heals quick he may not be the best kickoff man but he sure is the most acccurate fg kicker we had in years!!!

Hail Yeah, Gano has been the kicker for Carolina since last season. He has actually done well for them. I'd still take our groin injured kicker over him anyday.

This so weird to have a so called back up plan and the team hasn't even been able to contact the so called back up plan participant. Come on man!

I thought the same thing manchild. How can you call a backup plan someone who hasn't even been reached yet? Poor ...poor ...poor choice of words.

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potter was in camp i believe has a leg don't know if he has the accuracy for short fgs

glad to hear gano is with carolina maybe he can be mvp of their team, that would make you know who happy. LMAO!!!

Yeah I sure do know who and I hope his whereabouts remain unkown somehwere within one of those properties in 6 states he claims to own.

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Yeah, I think those six trailer parks across state lines that our good friend moves his single bed trailer around count as his property. Okay, I'll stop now but it's fun to digress sometimes :D


I think he's lying in a ditch between the liquor store and his trailer park.

hey guys its been rather nice HUH! not having to deal that his trolling pile of you no what!!!! i'll stop there and be nice !!!

well guys i know for a fact he aint staying at my campground and if he did try to post on the new format he would be banned about 2 seconds after he posted his trolling mess !!!

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Let's keep posts on topic, and not on our personal issues with people that go beyond posting on this forum.


To "newer" people reporting posts:



1. Try to make sure you have an actual rule violation. Don't abuse the report feature. Don't play "guessing" with reports and mods if you can help it. We're way too busy, and we will quickly stat frowning at repeated invalid or gratuitous reports, especially those that even appear to be used to fuel personal pissing matches whether they originate here or have simply migrated to our shore. 



2. Don't send us a communication and then send us something else on the same matter in the next 48 hours (or week) wondering why we haven't responded. Either it's not come up yet or the lack of response is your response (as is noted in our rules). Usually, even as lopsided as the numbers and available time are, we respond to everyone meriting a response (if one is even required) fairly quickly---like within 48 hours.






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