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Why? Oh why didn't I read the rules on using descriptive and accurate thread titles?


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My last post here was positive toward The Skins and in it's admiration of RG lll. I say this so I don't get ID'd as some negative troller.

Why are sources close to the team referring to this as "major" knee surgery? Why are they denying "total knee reconstruction?" Why are they denying that term when nobody has suggested it?

Some doctors assert that LCL tears are 8-12 month injuries.


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Chris Mortensen's report suggested total reconstruction. They are likely denying it because they do not know, yet, whether total reconstruction is needed.


To your last point, an LCL tear can mean many things. The so-called "lateral collateral ligament" has three components. The most likely scenario here, and most common sports injury, is damage to the fibular collateral ligament. This, also, can mean many things. Unlike the ACL, the LCL can be sutured (stitched) together if the tear is in a manageable location. However, if it is a severe rupture of the FCL component of the LCL, then full reconstruction may be needed. Full extent of damage, and required surgery, will determine the timetable. It could be 12 months, or if we are supremely lucky, it could be 3.

The good news is that part of the hamstring can be used in this LCL reconstruction. This is important because doctors already used Robert's patellar tendon to reconstruct his ACL in 2009.

If Dr. Andrews discovers that the ACL was also damaged, then there is a longer discussion.

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I tend to believe the 8-12 months recovery, since most of the athletes recover faster than slower I would say 8 months. I hope this expected recovery time includes a full healing process. What worries me a lot isn't the surgery but the stubbornness of Robert, who might have the temptation to have a Peterson's like recovery, rushing things up, and finally falling into the Foxworths category. I wish he will take all the time necessary to fully recover and that he won't be bothered anymore.

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