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HTTR24-7: Know Your Opponent: The Real Seattle Seahawks Defense ( Film Breakdown)


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I don't expect a significant change from pass pro from base to spread, the passing game would consist of quick game and short drops same as usual we're not a heavy 5-7 step offense right now. We just give help to Polumbus.

I think it will be easy to run the ball against a sub-package or nickel defense using read-option.

Against a spread formation the defense will always be at a disadvantage in the numbers game, especially when we read the DE instead of block them.

Hey it certainly wouldnt hurt to try and its a package we have not really show too much of this season. Would behoove us to have a TE in-line/backfield to help Polumbus with pass blocking and i would love to see it. Seattle runs a 3-3-5 nickle package with Burce Irvin as the speed rusher off the edge we could certainly gash them with some runs out of a pistol spread look.

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