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ES: A Tale of 2 Hot Teams with 2 Hot Quarterbacks, "The Final Showdown".


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It does not get any better than this! I don't have to tell any of my fellow Redskins fans here or around the world what time it is. I'm sure you awoke the same as I did, with a good pluck strait to your RN, yea the Redskins Nerve. You know, that lil one that speaks strait to you and says, Oh my God this is THE weekend. In just 2 more nights it's on like popcorn and is prime as prime time can ever be.

We are really playing for a Championship Sunday Night, it's not a great dream after all, and against those damn Dallas Cowboys! and I have a very good secret about these 2 teams and QB's. It has to be a secret, because I have heard no other analyst even come close to mentioning this in their picks as they analysed this game. All I have seen so far is how Tony red hot Romo sits to pee is , and how this is a different Cowboys team than the one that got blown out in the past showdowns for this NFC East Title.

The fact is they are a different team, but not in the way the analyst say and think. Romo sits to pee is getting petted and glorified over all the yards he's putting up, and that's because he's had no choice. The fact is Dallas has been getting beat up the 1st half of games and have had to throw throw throw to climb their way back into football games, and this is why they are looking much better on paper than they really are on the field, and why I think their getting throttled this Sunday Night.

I'm not taking any credit from them, they deserve it for all the comebacks this season, they earned them. But that other Cowboys team who lost those big games in the past was a better team than this one. Dallas was looking pretty scary just 3 years ago as they approached the playoffs, reason being they were playing some good defense, and Romo sits to pee looked to be a magician the way he could vanish from being sacked, a very good escape artist, and the difference is those Cowboy teams were beating their opponents on both sides of the ball, not just one.

This my friends is what will get the Cowboys beat this Sunday Night, and what got them beat last Thanksgiving Day. They got behind on a team that can continue to score. One with a very good offense with some very fast receivers, and the best rushing attack in the NFL period. This is why the Saints beat them as well, and did it with a much worse looking defense than ours.

On the other hand our offense has been scoring 30+ points a game, but what we're not reading is how we are controlling the clock and even full quarters, for the exception of a vanilla scheme in Philly, and how we have stopped our own drives by downing the ball on the opponents 2 yard line, as we did in Dallas, so we don't bust 45 points to rub it in their faces. Many games this season we could have put up 40 points and we chose not to pack salt into the wound.

That's called good sportsmanship Dallas, you may need to look that one up in the dickshunary lol, I'm sure there's one somewhere in the trailer park. So I think it's very fair to say that our QB is on fire and red hot as well. The only difference is our QB has been controlling the games, while Theirs has been in desperate situations having to gun it to climb out of holes the 2nd half.

The best part about this is our defense is playing much better now than the 1st half of the season, and they are coming up with turnovers at the perfect time of the year. So to all the analyst around the world, or on espn lol, the Redskins have a Red Hot Quarterback Too!!! Are you ready for some footballlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, Go Redskins!!!

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