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Tire Question


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First number is the section WIDTH, the second number is the tires profile or aspect ratio (or height). The last number is the wheel diameter.

It depends on how wide your wheel is. Although by going up in width and keeping the same aspect ratio your speedometer is going to be off. By using a calculator I figured out that when your speedometer says 60, you'll actually be going 61.1. Not a huge difference. So bottom line is its up to whoever is mounting the tire to determine if the tire will fit on the rim without any issues.

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not to quibble, but a 215 is going to be taller,not wider(only about 10mm)

the width it refers to is from the rim to the outside of the tread

Your correct in that it will be taller, but incorrect as to why. 215 refers to the width of the tire. The 60 is the height of the tire from the rim to the tread. The 60 actually is a percentage of the width. For example a 215/60 tire, has a section width of 215 millimeters and the section height/aspect ratio is 60% of 215. Thats why by going up in width, and keeping the same aspect ratio of 60 your also going up in height.


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