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Not working on my chrome unfortunately. The site acknowledged that they're having problems on chrome but none of their trouble shooting tips worked for me. Oh well.

You can try this... install Comodo Dragon: http://www.comodo.com/home/browsers-toolbars/browser.php

It's a chromium and better than Google chrome. It will import all your Google chrome settings (plus ext.'s etc.), uses the Google Chrome Webstore for apps and ext's, and about 15 MB less than Google. After installation you can just uninstall Google chrome. I have it and the theme works great and looks nice.

Instead of the wrench (in Google chrome) you'll click on the dragon eye (top left hand corner) for settings etc. Right click the chrome download button from the theme page and select 'Save link as...' Save the nflredskins.crx file to your desktop. Then click your browser from full screen to restore (or restore down) making it smaller. Click the dragon eye and select Tools/Extensions. Drag the .crx file into extensions. Wait a few minutes (you'll be taken to the Brand Thunder themes website that says "click continue" but you don't have to do that) until the the add on box appears. In a few seconds... you have it.

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