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Prometheus 15mn 3D private press release (comments only, no spoil)


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"Our session began with the screening of 15 minutes of Prometheus 3D, specially assembled by Ridley Scott for the press: as promised, we will tell you nothing of what we saw next scenario, which does not stop us we pour on the implementation and use of 3D by the director (see what he says out of paper).

The least we can write is immediately found the leg of Ridley Scott in these pictures, almost as if certain plans were a direct reference to those of Alien with Sigourney Weaver, as in the picture in the sets or the corners of the shooting. Unlike other directors, Ridley Scott could not be more legitimate concern about self-referencing in this way, which plunged us into the emotions experienced during the first discovery of Alien. The images that were projected to have completed a magnificent, both in their visual construction in the use of 3D.

Frankly, we jaw dropped 3 times in 15 minutes for the infinity of space (with the notion of distance / depth of stars that seem really out of sight), for the same space through the control station of the ship Prometheus (there, we started to cry like kids as it spins the dizzy because we benchmarks), to one of the planets surrounded by the asteroid belt which is s' approach (the technical knockout in 3D)."

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