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Hogfest pics.........


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Originally posted by Blade

Great pics Tommy. Glad to have had the chance to meet you in person.


The hats arrived late last week, and I hope to start shipping them over the next week or so. Its a tedious process to package them so please be patient.... I *promise* everyone will get thier shirts and hats!

The hats are awesome!!

Let me tell everyone.....Blade has a lot to do to complete the shipping and handling portion of the mailing. It involves alot more than just putting the shirts and hats in the mailer.

I hope more members will step up and order more of them.

It was good to be so represented at the game.


Those pics are great TTG.

Already planning for next year!


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Good work, Tommy. NIce pics. I especially appreciate you slimming me up and leaving Die Hard as is. Now I don't have to go on any silly diets. :laugh:

Die Hard, forget about the Atkins diet. I know of an "all you can eat" diet that actually burns calories rather than takes them on. Sure to make you (and your lovely partner) happy as can be. I'll PM you directions. :laugh:

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