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Rules and League Manager (Required you have a Facebook account for members not already in)


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You all that haven't need to sign up for league manager here using your EA email and password. To accept the invite, PM me, and I will give the password to you. If link isn't working, the League ID is "LG3625_"


All games will be played at the All-Madden level with 8 minutes quarters and 20 second run off.

There will be 2 advances per week: 11:59 EST Thursday night and the same time Sunday night.


- You may ONLY roll out when under pressure (things like you see the line collapsing and you need to make room) OR on a designed QB roll out play - now if no one is open by all means scramble and get some yards (but not every play is going to be where you have NO ONE open - and if so you should start using different routes)

- Use the whole playbook, not just MONEY plays (means plays that always are clutch and will work every time)

- Do NOT drop back for 15+ yards (even 10 yards all the time is unnecessary)

- Do NOT run hurry up unless you're behind more than two scores in the 4th quarter

- FB dives may only be run with the FULL BACK

- Goal line formations may ONLY be used inside each 10-yard line (offense and defense) OR in SHORT DOWN SITUATIONS (1-3 yards to go or inches ONLY)

- Jumbo packages can be used

- You cannot run a play more than TWO times in a row. Therefore, that means if you QB sneak twice and do not make it, you cannot do it a third, time

- WR CANNOT be put at TE and RB


- ALL players MUST be set at the snap of the ball, unless there is a green auto motion involved. Using motion on a running play is ok as long as not abused


- It is never acceptable to audible down from a set to get a WR at tight end then throw a route to him - if your WR is placed at tight end, please put him on a block.

Mix up play calling on offense and defense (do not continue to audible to the same plays)


- Please mix up your defensive play calling

- You may play any position on defense but cannot move more than two players. If you move the second player, you must stay on him until ball is snapped. This does not include plays where you are shifting.

- Do not bump and run every down. No team does this is.

- Goaline can be used on short down situation ONLY on offense and defense. Short down situations meaning 3 yard and inches

- You cannot drop 10 or 11 back in coverage. Two Linemen must rush the QB.

- You are not allowed to use a formation other than FG/Punt formations to block a FG or punt/

- Do not consistently stack the box (meaning 9 at the LOS)


- Defensive players may NEVER play offense and vice versa. This is CHEESE


You can go for it on 4th down:

-Anytime you across the 50 yard line UNLESS up by eight. MUST kick FG, if not in FG range or too much wind you can go for it (but do not always make excuses to go for it)

-Anytime in the 4th quarter unless up by 8

-Anytime in Overtime

-Any fourth and goal situation (but do not always abuse this rule even in real life teams will line up for a FG)

-Anytime on 4th and inches IF on or passed opponents 45

-You can fake punt/Fg one time per game. "Faking" is in punt/FG formation. "Going for it" is in an offensive set. That is the distinction


- In a tie game in the 4th quarter to go for the win

- Anytime in the 4th quarter while trailing realistic rules apply

- Anytime you are ahead in the 4th quarter to make it a three or 7 point lead


Do not purposely try to blow your opponent out. Once the game is decided please just run the clock and if they are out of timeouts utilize the kneel play in all playbooks when under 2 minutes


- Never quit a game (QUITTING WILL RESULT IN LOSING ALL RIGHTS TO COMPLAIN) Stay in the game and allow the process to work


- No glitches period

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Just remember BallHoggin and myself are here to help....I don't know how much knowledge you have running these things but honesty the league starts with you. If you can't be committed it will fail. If you need some general advice, ways to handle situations, and so on let me know. I also suggest you get some funds and use xtreme-football.net instead of LM

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