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Call of the Wildman (Turtleman on Animal Planet)


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Ya'll might get a kick out of this and quite frankly I need something to focus on besides some of the issues going on in our community right now. Anyways, the Turtleman (yes that is what he's called) has been well known around here for years as the go to guy to call when you have a problem animal that needs to be removed; opossum, raccoons, skunks, snakes, and yes his namesake snapping turtles. He's as crazy as anyone you'll ever see and the best part about it is that he lives in Central Kentucky not to far from me. Around here we all know him and have seen him around town doing his thing. He's our very own hillbilly Steve Irwin, and for me the best part is that he always takes the animals and releases them in areas that are safe for the animal instead of killing them, that has been the way he's done things all along not just when Animal Planet gave him a show.

Here's a clip of one of his latest shows. The bald guy with the foomanchu mustache is a buddy of mine who is one of the local radio station DJ's, who with his brother owns Resurrection Rods a junk car salvage team.


Alright ya'll let the Kentucky jokes fly. ;)

This one is filmed in Stanford, Kentucky, which is the town where I live, the snake got into the house through the toilet...yeah....the toilet....check before you go. :D


He lost his teeth cutting down a tree when it fell over and hit him pinning the chainsaw to his head.


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