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WP: "Andy Reid denies Eagles offered defensive consultant job to Eric Mangini."


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More and more, this year's Eagles look like the Redskins.of old. :ols:

A vastly-improved defense was supposed to bolster the Eagles’ hopes of making a Super Bowl run and validating their self-imposed “dream team” moniker. Instead the Eagles have spent the week following their 31-24 loss to Buffalo defending their tactics and 1-4 record.

On Monday ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Eagles coach Andy Reid discussed the idea of bringing in a defensive consultant during its upcoming bye week. On Tuesday the Eagles said that discussion never took place.

On Wednesday, ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reported that the Eagles had contacted former Browns head coach Eric Mangini — now employed by ESPN — to fill the supposedly non-existent consultant position.

(Mangini, who is still making beaucoup bucks from his Cleveland buyout, declined the offer)

Reid continued the he said/he said cycle later in the day when he told the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jeff McLane that he “wasn’t in contact with anyone” about the job.

“That was all fabricated,” Reid said Wednesday after practice. “I wasn’t in touch with anybody. Nobody. Nothing. Zero.”

(Pro Football Talk pointed out that Reid’s track record of truth has a few cracks in it.)


Bingo caller, anyone?

Dream Team! HAH!

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