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Is a Safety on your Redskin Christmas Shopping List ? Tune in tonite...


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Torry Holt's little brutha Terrence, stars in the Tangerine Bowl, on ESPN tonite. Not only is he a decent safety, but also a special teams jewel. Some other names to look after : Pittsburgh's star Junior Wide Out Antonio Bryant, who may or not play depending on his injury, but will probably declare early for the 2002 NFL draft.

Also, on the Wolfpack side, look at Ray Robinson, a 5-10 202 lb-er tailback who runs a 4.3 40, and is great catching passes out of the backfield, he's projected as about a 4th rounder. LeVar Fisher, at linebacker #44 is also noteworthy. I know I've said these names several times before on the board, but this is their last chance to shine in college, so hopefully they'll be playing at peak level.

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LeVar just broke his arm, and is out of the game.

As for Antonio Bryant, need I say more ? Would this guy look good in Burgundy & Gold, or what ? He does it all. He can stretch the field. He can go over the middle and take the major league hit. He's potent in the red zone. He can wrestle the ball away in traffic. He shreds one-on-one coverage. He's a lean, mean, scoring machine.

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