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I know this was talked aobut for the last couple of seasons, but is there a possibility of the Redskins moving training camp back to Carlisle, Pa? As a kid, my dad never took me to a camp, even though we were very close. Soon after I was old enough to go myself, the Skins left town. I was so excited when they came back briefly. I got to meet alot of nice players, and Coach Schottenheimer, who I thought was a great guy! I would love to see this tradition renewed. I'm sure there are many Extremskins members who are from my area as well and would love a return to Dickinson!

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Last January this was a very hot topic and there were many articles released in local papers about it (links below). I still think it is possible, but from the last bit of information I heard it does not sound good. CBS 21 out of Harrisburg reported that Dickinson was in talks with the Redskins, but an official from Dickinson said "no further discussions are planned." That was the last I heard about it. Hopefully they come back. I think getting away to a small town/ small college would be great for the team.






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