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Hey Everyone.

I'm looking for tickets for this Saturday's Game on Jan 8th?

Does anyone have an idea where to look or where the best place to find cheaper tickets is? Being a fan is a ***** when you're on a budget. I'm trying to take my girlfriend to her first game and if it's not this Saturday, I'd like to try and find a cheaper place than ticketmaster or stubhub, if that's at all possible. I've been to a few games myself, but I've always lucked into ticekts. Actually purchasing them is a new thing for me.

Anyway, thanks for reading and any advice is greatly appreciated! Go Caps!

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the cheapest i see if $50 online thru craigslist but try near gameday to find anything below that

Caps tickets right now are basically what Skins tickets were 10 years ago: very high in demand, with a secondary market completely favorable to sellers. For a Saturday night game in January (when kids are still on semester break, Skins and college football season is over, and it's too cold to do much else), you will have a very hard time finding tickets at or near face value.

Your best bet is to check Ebay and Craigslist close to game time and hope you find someone who needs to sell last-minute (and by "close", I mean a couple hours before the game; any earlier than that and sellers will still be asking for a lot).

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Wait until the day of the game, then check craigslist. You'll get a deal, guaranteed. The closer it gets to the opening faceoff, the better the price you'll get. Sucks not having the tix in hand days before, but it's worth the savings. Hasn't failed me yet.

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