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Quick Fantasy Question.


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The league I'm in starts 2 QBs with one reserve. Now I have two solid starters in D. Bledsoe and P. Manning. With Ramsey in reserve he may not get into my rotation until my starter's 2 bye weeks (unless Spurriers offense hit's full gear). My problem area is my RB's.

Ok, my question here:

A guy offered a trade of either (K. Boller or Quincy Carter) and Deuce McAllister


P. Ramsey and William Green...

I think Deuce would make my RB duo higly formidable, when teamed up with Tiki Barber.

But will either Boller or Quincy make sufficient fill-ins during my two bye weeks?

If this is a good trade...which QB should I take?

(This is not a keeper league)

Thanks for the help guys!

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Is this a keeper league? If so, how many do you get to keep?

What is the scoring system?

What are the starting lineup rules (aside from QB's)?

Who are your other RB's?

By the end of the season, I expect Ramsey to have numbers as good as or better than Bledsoe, who traditionally tails off the second half of the year. Hopefully, that would work well in tandem with Ramsey, who figures to improve over the course of the year.

McCallister is an elite RB. William Green is good, but not elite. McCallister is a clear upgrade.

In general (without knowing the answers to the above question), I'd do the trade and opt for Boller who is clearly Billick's pet project in Baltimore and who will be given every chance to succeed. In essence, you're trading a marginal #1 or solid #2 RB and a #2 QB for an excellent #1 RB and an average #3 QB.

Just know that you may not have Boller there to start for you during your bye weeks if he's been pulled from the lineup for Redman.

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