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So this is how the roster shakes out


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17 free agents and 11 rookies. 3 rookies appear to have won starting jobs (Gardner, Smoot, and Brandt).

K Brett Conway (FA)

P Bryan Barker (FA)

QB Jeff George

QB Tony Banks (FA)

QB Sage Rosenfels ®

TB Stephen Davis

TB Ki-Jana Carter (FA)

TB Kenny Watson ®

TB Michael Bates (FA)

FB Donnell Bennett (FA)

FB Bryan Johnson

WR Michael Westbrook

WR Rod Gardner ®

WR Kevin Lockett (FA)

WR Darnerian McCants ®

WR Derrius Thompson

TE Stephen Alexander

TE Walter Rasby (FA)

TE Zeron Flemister

C Cory Raymer

C Mark Fischer

G Dave Szott (FA)

G David Brandt ®

G Matt Campbell (FA)

G Ben Coleman (FA)

T Chris Samuels

T Jon Jansen

T Ross Tucker ®

T Ethan Albright (FA)

DT Dan Wilkinson

DT Kenard Lang

DT Delbert Cowsette

DT Jerry Deloach

DT Mario Monds ®

DE Marco Coleman

DE Bruce Smith

DE Dorian Boose (FA)

DE Derrick Ham

MLB Kevin Mitchell

MLB Robert Jones (FA)

OLB LaVar Arrington

OLB Shawn Barber

OLB Antonio Pierce ®

OLB Donny Green ®-- GO HOOS!

CB Champ Bailey

CB Fred Smoot ®

CB Darrell Green

CB Donovan "I Both Suck and Blow" Greer (FA)

SS Sam Shade

SS Martavius Houston (FA)

FS David Terrell

FS Keith Lyle (FA)

FS Ifeanyi Ohalete ®

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in the final analysis Marty did what we expected him to do in the offseason, build with his own guys and the core of younger talent that he inherited. And go with the rookie draft pick or free agent over the veteran player if the competitions were very close.

At last the Redskins have some legitimate building blocks at safety. Houston, Terrell and Ohalete are good athletes and should be provide much greater depth than Josh Symonette and Matt Stevens did last season.

At wide receiver as well this team seems to have interesting youngsters in Gardner and McCants as well as productive veterans Westbrook and Lockett.

At linebacker Marty really went with youth, outside of the Robert Jones signing. Jones is very valuable because in a pinch he can play all 3 spots. Pierce rose quickly in camp and it was obvious from the amount of time he got with the first team that he was going to make it. Dailey and Green are question marks. I don't remember seeing Dailey make many plays or being projected to the final roster and Green has only been a Redskin for a week and a half.

I think we are carrying a couple of players currently in Mario Monds and Derrick Ham. Neither player showed much in camp or in the preseason games and it would not surprise me if their roster spots are still not that secure.

Boose played well against the Browns and against the Pats so he might be a sleeper of sorts, although I still have my doubts about him as an everydown option if one of the starters gets hurt.

Unfortunately, it appears with the Mike Wells signing in Indy and the Russell Maryland anticipated signing in NY, that it will be difficult for the Redskins to acquire a free agent DT because the team is not perceived as being a ready playoff contender and thus veterans are leery of signing here unless we offer a lot more money.

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Ham and Cowsette are our initial unstable roster spots if a intriguing player is available this afternoon.

One more season and the players who b!tched to Sellars about hating Coach Marty will be purged and youth will be served while whiners sent on their way.

I would feel better if Toast (Greer) can step in if DarrelGreen god forbid suffers an injury that keeps him out for a couple of games.


Take a sip of the Marty Kool Aid and Believe

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