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Spurrier's "2nd year" at his previous gigs

Uptown Skins

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1984 Tampa Bay Bandits:


You can read up on here:


Previous year's record: 11-7


1988 Duke Blue Devils


Previous year's record: 5-6

This was Duke's best football season since 1962 when they went 8-2.


1991 Florida Gators

10-2 (SEC Conference Champs) - Lost to Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl 39-28.

Previous year's record: 9-2 (This may have been when they was on probation or something like that - A Gator fan can verify this).


2003 Washington Redskins


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Yes, the 1990 team was on probation from the previous regime. Therefore, that team was ineligible for the SEC title (which we would've won if eligible as we had the best record in the SEC) and ineligible for a bowl game (would've had a major bowl as well).

Spurrier LOVES that 1990 team and credits them for much of the success of his future gators championship teams, as they sort of got the ball rolling with a new winning attitude. That SEC championship isn't recognized by the league or by UF as a banner in the Swamp.

However, what makes Spurrier so great is that in HIS MIND, they were SEC champs even if not recognized by the league or the school. Most of the time it is mentioned that he won 6 SEC titles in his time at UF, but he always says in interviews that it is 7.


He is very adamant about giving that '90 team its due and respect as one of his best.

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