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The Matt Millen era in Detroit was even worse than you think.

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I heard on the radio today that the Detroit Lions don't have a single player on their current roster that the team drafted from 2002-2006. That's astonishing. The Skins have taken their share of criticism for poor drafts and for trading away too many picks over the years, but even we have the following guys drafted between '02 and '06 on the roster: Dockery (left and returned), Cooley, Carlos Rogers, Rocky McIntosh, Reed Doughty, and Kedric Golston, and I have little doubt that Sean Taylor would still be a Redskin if he were still with us.

Anyway, here are the glorious Detroit Lion drafts, 2002-2006. Enjoy.


Sims, Ernie LB Florida State

Bullocks, Daniel S Nebraska

Calhoun, Brian RB Wisconsin

Scott, Jonathan T Texas

McCann, Dee CB West Virginia

Matua, Fred G Southern California

Cannon, Anthony LB Tulane


Williams, Mike WR Southern California

Cody, Shaun DT Southern California

Wilson, Stanley CB Stanford

Orlovsky, Dan QB Connecticut

Swancutt, Bill DE Oregon State

Goddard, Johnathan LB Marshall


Williams, Roy WR Texas

Jones, Kevin RB Virginia Tech

Lehman, Teddy LB Oklahoma

Smith, Keith CB McNeese State

Lewis, Alex LB Wisconsin

Butler, Kelly T Purdue


Rogers, Charles WR Michigan State

Bailey, Boss LB Georgia

Redding, Cory DE Texas

Pinner, Artose RB Kentucky

Holt, Terrence S N.C. State

Davis, James LB West Virginia

Kircus, David WR Grand Valley State

Johnson, Ben T Wisconsin

Adams, Blue CB Cincinnati


Harrington, Joey QB Oregon

Edwards, Kalimba DE S. Carolina

Goodman, André CB S. Carolina

Taylor, Jonathan DE Montana State

Owens, John TE Notre Dame

Cash, Chris CB USC

Staley, Luke RB Brigham Young

Murphy, Matt TE Maryland

Rogers, Victor T Colorado

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