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Off Topic: Beg Borrow and Deal 2


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BB - please begin "editing" your posts. Notice the EDIT button on the timestamp line of each post. There's no need to post consecutive 1 line posts. Edit your first post.. and write whatever it is you couldn't think of the first time. That should cut your post total in half. Thanks.

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I like that show ....and watch every chance i get ..

I am still waiting for one of the teams to talk Dan Snyder into having lunch on his private plane or private estate ....that was one of the missions they had to do ...the mission is ...Get either the Maloofs or Snyder or the Dallas Mavs owner(cant think of his name) to have lunch on their private plane or resort estate , or something to that nature....I enjoy watching that show ...they have to do some crazy stuff, but they meet alot of people and sports stars ...

I find it interesting


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