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How will the Cowboys do this year?  

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  1. 1. How will the Cowboys do this year?

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What if this is all just a ploy....... The skins are playing very vanilla offense and very basic defense just to hide there real skill and talent and plays. I know someone mentioned it before with johnson getting all the real gamelike plays... I think a lot is being hidden and concealed. I think the skins will suprise people..... They havent used a 5 reciever set much, very few draw plays..... No big crossing patters,counters,traps......

The defense only has blitzed arrington...... I think its the polar opposite of last year. where we went balls to the wall in preseason and everyone knew what to expect.... now if people watch preseason gamefilm they will see more runs. then we can open it up durring the jets game.........

ehhh maybe I am just dreaming but I am keeping the faith alive

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Spurrier's certainly not running all of his plays. However, the various problems we're seeing can't be explained away by that. Do you really think we're trying to get Ramsey hit, drop passes, or get called for delay of game or any number of other bone-headed penalties?

As SOS said, we're not exactly a well-oiled machine out there.

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I think the Redskins ARE playing possum with Coles, who has seemed unstoppable in the first drives of these preseason games deep.

I also think Ramsey's arm is such the Skins will challenge defenses all season even if the team doesn't always get the win.

On defense I agree that Bailey and Trotter are being spotted so as not to get them dinged for the season.

It may be the same for Arrington, although he has missed some tackles.

the situation on the DL is dire.

Of the proposed top 4 or 5 players on the DL:

1. Upshaw has yet to play a down

2. Noble is out for the season

3. Wilkinson was cut

4. Jermaine Haley has looked horrible

That leaves Renaldo Wynn as the only DL to have played through camp and the games and to come in without question marks.

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Well the penatlies, I agree and DL I agree.

But I mean on offense we are not even running Play action. Its just line up with a tight end run 3 wrs pass..........

Defense I agree but we arent giving up a lot of points on either......the 85 yrd td was to be expected cause David Terell sucks and always haas and the fact he is still a redskin is beyond me..

I just think they are playin so conservative that its no wonder we havent scored any points.

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here's to opitimism(drink)..............

When I played football..(now a while ago granted) I wanted to kill the player acorss from me no matter what, when, or where, I was playing.

I like to think these guys are competetors as well and for them to look less than stellar gives me an ominous feeling inside.

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Id like to think that Spurrier and to a lesser degree Edwards arent showing their cards too early like Spunky did last year.

Perhaps a combo of them playing very vanilla O and D and the team just starting to gel is the cause.

We'll see by the end of preseason if we are right or not.

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