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SpaceX Falcon 9 Preparing To Launch (Spaceflight Now)


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June 4, 11am-3pm is the current launch window. Destination not to be revealed until after launch.

Last I heard, launch is contingent on approval of the rocket's auto-destruct device, which would blow the thing up if it became uncontrollable. This article is a bit ambiguous on whether or not the Air Force has given final approval.

Yay, private spaceflight!

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The article makes the guy come off as a real paraniod.

(Paraphrasing) "I refuse to say exactly what we're going to attempt to do, or when we're going to do it, because I don't want anybody to be able to say that anything wasn't absolutely perfect."

Still, I hope it works. The description makes it sound like they're at least setting desirable goals. (I like reading that they've got a contract to deliver supplies to the space station.)

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