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Why everyone needs to take a deep breath and calm down!


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I've been looking up and down the site today and i see all these things on trade this trade that, i even saw a trade Rod Gardner thread!?!??! The question i have there is if you do that do you really thing Jacobs is ready to be a #2 guy???

But there is no need to worry. I defense just needed a fire lit up under them. When Noble got hurt we completely shut them down. Minus the play when David Terrell looked like an 8 year old. But Terrell shouldnt be starting anyways. Look Cowsette/Zellner and Haley/Cannida did well at DT after Noble was hurt, we stopped the run. A big difference i think was Trotter he helped the cause. Was everyone else watching a different game?? Did they notice how the pats didnt get anything after Noble went out. Except on draw plays near the end of the half when we were in like prevent defense.

On the offensive side as well. Ramsey missed one like 25 yard pass to Coles because he got hit as he threw, Coles was wide open AGAIN, but the reason Ramsey was hit is because #79 was playing LT instead of Samuels, if Samuels is in that pass is made. Our running game looked good, the O Line seems to get better with pass protection with every drive. Everyone knew the offensive line is gonna need time to gel with the new guys.

And finally if we do make a trade for a DT thats fine im okay with it. But i dont think we NEED to. We had a lot of holes this past offseason everyone knew it. It was amazing that we filled as many as we did. Not everything is gonna be fixed in one offseason. Every team has holes we need to except that and learn to play with our holes.

Also i have noticed from watching tapes of this year and last years preseason. We arent showing anything this year and we showed everything last year. This year we're running very basic plays. Last night we saw the 1st team offense move the ball pretty much every time except the first. And the defense settled down and stopped the Pats after their first time. Not counting that David Terrell breakdown cause he shouldnt be in. On that play in paticular we blitzed Champ, just to see what our defense is capable of seeing if we can blitz champ, obviously we cant so we wont do it anymore.

Deep breath everyone, calm down, i think we're gonna be okay.

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