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Went to training camp yesterday...


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Went to training camp yesterday. It was my first time and generally thought it was very cool--there were approximately 1000 people there so it was pretty easy to see everything--unfortunately, the defense spent most of the morning on the practice field furthest from the crowds.

In general, I couldn't believe how easy practice was--lots of standing around and going half speed on drills. Stretched for 15 minutes at 9am. Went to position coaches from 9:15 until 10. Specials teams for 10 minutes, then 7 on 7s until 10:30. Then a 15 minute full scrimmage--Ramsey connected with Taylor Jacobs for a 65 yard TD and only missed on two pass attempts out of approx. 8 or 9. Rob Johnson and Danny Wuerffel looked hideous. A fight broke out at the end (David Terrell and the rookie TE Ware) and it turned into a brief donnybrook. It broke up, they ended the scrimmage right there. And, then they did sprints. This was kind of interesting to watch. Sprints broke down into three groups--DBs, WRs, RBs and TEs --Smoot or Taylor Jacobs won every sprint, LBs and QBs--Lavar won every sprint going away, Ramsey is painfully slow--, D-lineman and O-lineman--in another shocker, Bruce Smith won every sprint, but 1, which Jon Jansen took. Practice was over at 10:50. And there was no afternoon session.

Other observations of note…

Defense spent some time in the 3-4…may be in order to provide the offense with a look at the 3-4 prior to the game against New England…but it was interesting nonetheless.

Renaldo Wynn and Peppi Zellner took some snaps together at DT--with Bruce Smith and Reagan Upshaw on the ends.

Jeremiah Trotter looked pretty healthy. Got into a skirmish with #48…rookie tight end. The post said it was Antonio Pierce, but it was Trotter--I was about 20 yards away.

Darnerian McCants was not in pads--did drills half speed…looked fine though.

The punters looked HORRIBLE--just god awful.

John Hall had a kick blocked--it was recovered and advanced by Lavar. He hit every other kick he tried.

Chad Morton looked great catching punts--caught every one, looked confident

In every drill, Ramsey looked solid and accurate. On his rare misses, he always missed high. Coles and Gardner looked good, but by far, the most impressive player in the entire practice was Taylor Jacobs. Ran crisp routes, made every catch (save one Rob Johnson ball that was high and behind him). He was very impressive.

And, finally, if you made it this far--I had a picture from camp I wanted to post--how do you post a jpg?

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Thanks for the info.

You shouldn't be suprised that Bruce Smith won those sprints, He used to be one of the fastest D Ends in the game. He might be getting old but he takes good care of himself and he can still bring it when he needs to. As long as he isn't asked to bring it too often.

To post a pick: Look for the "Attach file" row near the bottom of the page where you type your post. Click on the "Choose File" button, select the file you want to post, click OK, and you are done. Just make sure it is a valid file like a .jpg and it is not too big to post. If you still have questions check the FAQ page on the site.


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I too attended camp yesterday and was amazed at the lackadaisical nature of the practice. Arrived around 9 and the team was broken up, doing positional drills. The entire practice was over by 10:50 a.m. Whatever happened to the tough week of practice? There was little or no tackling. The DL and OL did some full speed one-on-ones in the positional drills. I saw Matt Bowen knock down Royal in 7 on 7 from the 10...besides that, not a lot of action.

Additional thoughts: Very impressed by Taylor Jacobs. He caught everything near him and has exceptional quickness out of the break and cuts. Jacobs, Coles and Gardner all looked good.

Agree with GGB81 on Ramsey - his misses were basically all high. Rob Johnson's arm looked like garbage. Surprisingly, Gibran Hamden's arm was equal to, if not better than Ramsey's...he consistently throws an exceptionally tight ball.

David Terrell missed an easy tip drill interception in the end zone.

Dockery is huge, but slow as molasses. Doesn't fire off the ball very well. Was one of the slower O-linemen out of the box during positional drills.

Starting Center for now Wilbert Brown was getting an earful from Kim Helton and slow snaps and leaning on hard counts.

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Wilbert Brown like Flemister is a player that continues to amaze me with his staying power.

He is consistently INCONSISTENT and doesn't seem to to show improvement with an addition of time on the field.

Friedman might not be a natural center but I will wager that over a number of games he would prove to be a better player.

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only 10 minutes on Special Teams, I do not like that. From what I saw on Saturday night, our coverage team has some MAJOR work to do, hey what else is new. And by the way, why the hell is Mike Stock still our ST coach. We've been dreadful ever since he replaced ole what's his face, Norv's guy. I can see his face, but can't remember his name....any help?

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10 minutes is being generous on the Special teams...it was three field goals and maybe four punts. There was no focus on the coverage. When the returner caught the ball, he ran up field...no work on outside containment, no work on blocking assignments, no wedge work. Dissappointing.

I also found the practice to be very quite. Coaches were quite. Players were quite. I didn't see Marty Ball camp, but I remember it being much more high energy, high impact. Besides the fight that ended practice - with basically the whole team involved - minus Lavar who didn't move a muscle to get involved, the whole experience was sort of quite.

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I was at training camp yesterday as well.

I was quite taken aback by the realitive easy going attitude of camp. I thought it would be more intense but it didn't seem to be that way at all.

It was quiet during the two hours of practice. I barely heard any kind of talking or jawing back and forth between the players. The most vocal person at practice is Hue Jackson which goes with the article I read about him today.

The only time I heard any player was when Chad Morton told the crowd to quiet down (jokingly) after Robert Gillespie dropped a punt and everyone reacted to it.

If this team doesn't win it won't be for a lack of speed, especially on offense.

Morton is small but he has the speed and the moves to make things happen. Both Kenny Watson and Sultan looked good. I can't put my finger on it but there's something about Trung that I just don't like after watching him. I can see where he gets the rap about not being a good practice player.

The addition of Coles is going to make Gardner an even better WR and not just in games but in practice as well. Jacobs is solid. Our top three are set and ready to go. I liked what I saw of Flowers and Cloman. I think kiss Patrick Johnson goodbye and I wouldn't be surprised to see McCants following him out the door.

If Danny Wuerffel is still with this team at the beginning of the season it will be a crime. There is no way in hell that he would make the opening roster of any other NFL team. He looks that bad. I don't think Danny expected to be playing football again because he just doesn't seem like he's there to play QB.

Hamden has to make this team. I can't see how they can justify keeping Danny over him other than experience. He looks like an NFL QB and has the arm to go with it and of all the QB's he seemed fleet of foot.

Rod Johnson has more upside than Danny but the 'skins are in trouble when they have to count on him during the season. Watching him practice made me think of Gus Frerotte.

I had one moment of shock yesterday when at the beginnig of camp I looked out onto the field and saw Jon Jansen sitting in one of the carts with a pair of crutches. I couldn't believe it! When did that happen?!


Then I realized they belonged to the special teams coach.

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