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Preview for Staurdays game against the patriots.


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*Please note I had posted this originally on a patriots board. The address of the original post is at http://www.riinteractive.net/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=news;action=display;num=1060610186

After doing a massive amount of research I think I finally have come up with a score.

The game will be a close one. With Tom Brady and Patrick Ramsey going head to head for most of the first quarter. Drive after Drive both teams will rack up the scoreboard, despite the fact that each team has a fairly good defense, but I am sorry to say the Redskins first team wins this one.

Midway through the second quarter things will start to slow down. Each team will probably have their back-ups in by now, for the Patriots that would be Damon Huard and for the Redskins it would be Rob Johnson, and this is the time where kickers will be needed most as both second team offenses will not have the skill to get the six points as the first team would. With all the sacks that Johnson takes and with a not so skilled offensive line I say that the Patriots second team wins this battle.

With about a ¼ of the third quarter left each team will probably go with the third team, which would mean the Patriots go with Rohan Davey and the Redskins going with Danny Wuerffel. Danny Wuerffel has failed to become a consistent quarterback and with Davey showing signs of a quality back-up it is safe to say that the Patriots third team will win the battle.

The forth string quarterbacks will probably play about 6 or 7 minutes of the game. Kliff Kingsbury looked quite average in the first pre-season game, overthrowing a few receivers, Kingsbury will be fighting for a roster spot so look for him to be trying the hardest of everyone on the field. He looks to rebound from his last game and make an impression on Bill Belichick. For the other team the forth string quarterback will be Gibran Hamdan. Gibran Hamdan only completed 51% of his passes last year with the Indiana Hoosiers. He is also not that much of a mobile quarter “gaining” –52 yards last year on 55 attempts. With all this said I think New England’s forth team will have the edge over the Redskins’ forth team.

The Patriots will get the edge from their receiving corps and rushing game. The Redskins’ running back is Trung Canidate who backed up Marshall Faulk last year when he was with the Rams. He looked good with minimum action in St. Louis, but I don’t think he can perform up to Smith and Faulk’s level.

Now with everything said I have finally come up with a prediction that makes sense. I am guessing the score of this game is:

Patriots 35

Redskins 30

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While the score may be closer than the Carolina game was, I just don't see that many points on the board. I do expect Spurrier to open things up more this game, especially with the starters playing longer. Don't expect to see Hamden play this week either unless the score is lopsided in the Skins' favor and I don't see that happening after last week.

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Welcome Bleedblue! One of my best buds is a Pats fan but I try not to hold it against him. :laugh:

I have to agree with Jimbo on this one. Both teams strength are in their passing game on O, and against the pass on D.

Should be interesting to see how we do against the 3/4. How do you like the switch?

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spurrier isn't opening anything up until regular season beacuse until regular season hue jackson is calling the plays....though they are working with the same playbook he obviously has a different agenda when playcalling......EX: last seasons preseason vs this years......jackson is more conservitive.

23-17 pats....

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Listen guys, I laid 22 bucks to win 20 on the Redskins to WIN, and had to give the Pats 3 damm points.... I need to see some 3+ point coverage in these predictions!

Can an evil Redskin fan get some love!!! Jeeesss... LOL


Skin 4 Life

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