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PFT: Saints championship shirts made in Indianapolis


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Saints championship shirts made in Indianapolis

Posted by Michael David Smith on February 9, 2010 6:59 AM ET

Not everyone in Indianapolis is disappointed that the Colts lost the Super Bowl.

It turns out that hundreds of thousands of New Orleans Saints Super Bowl championship shirts are being made in the Adidas Group plant in Indianapolis. And since Saints memorabilia sells better than Colts memorabilia, the Saints' victory makes the folks at the plant very happy.

"From a business standpoint, the Saints' win is tremendous for us," the plant's general manager, Blake Lundberg, told the Indianapolis Star. "It will be a very nice long week for us."

In pre-orders, Saints Super Bowl merchandise was selling at four times the rate of Colts Super Bowl merchandise, and the plant in Indianapolis is expecting it to keep selling at huge volume through Mardi Gras. Plant employees will be working 12-hour shifts five days a week, making nothing but Super Bowl clothing, shipping out 130,000 shirts a day.


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