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I learned something neat about one of my co-workers.


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Today, while working on the PC of one of my co-workers, the subject of the Redskins came up when she said that she wanted "Hail to the Redskins" to play whenever a new e-mail arrived. While explaining that this was possible, I mentioned that I was a huge Redskins fan, and she replied that, along with most of her family, she is big 'Skins fan as well. Also, as it turns out, she is the vice-president of the Redskins alumni association! (I think she said vice-president...I didn't want to make her repeat herself, though.) She then related all of these stories of former Redskins' players, many of whom she knows relatively well.

Among the players she likes most, she's fond of Pat Fischer, which is pretty cool. (She said that if you ever met the guy, you wouldn't think he was a football player.) She also seems to like Mark Mosely a lot, saying that he's a really nice guy to hang around with. I asked her if Riggo ever attends any of the Redskins Alumni gatherings, but she said that he is mostly absent.

A funny story that she related, when the subject of Dan Snyder came up (she doesn't like him very much), was about the time that they were having an Alumni meeting at Redskins' Park. Apparently, it was late at night, and, while they were having a meeting, Snyder was leaving his office. He had two armed body guards with him, which she thought was amusing since he had to only walk a few feet to his limo to leave The Park. She turned to Mosely, who was sitting next to her, and said, with a chuckle, "Does he really need those bodyguards. Do you really think anyone wants to kill him?" Mark Mosely replied with "I do!" I thought that was a rather cryptic reply since I am not sure if it means that he DOES think someone wants to "kill" Snyder, or if Mosely wants to "kill" him! LOL.

Anyways, I jokingly asked if she had any Redskins trinkets lying around that she'd want to kick down to me, and she said that, if she did, she'd actually give me something, hopefully a picture or something with a signature. That would be very cool if she did!

Anyways, I just wanted to pass on a story that helped brighten my day. :-)

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