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Wheres Devin Thomas (Injured?)


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This is why you never use your good receivers for KO or PR, we need to address this in the off season

Tell the Superbowl bound eagles that with Desean Jackson. They apparently don't know this rule either. Putting our "good players" on special teams is the LAST thing we need to worry about this Off season.

We are dead last in punt return. DEAD last. We are a joke . We are 5-10 and just got absolutely humiliated AGAIN on national TV. . . and you're worried about hurting our playmakers by making them return punts? Seriously? Right now the only person I don't want to see returning punts is Bruce Allen because he's the only guy in this organization I am actually concerned might get hurt and not be able to do his job. The restt of them aren't doing they're jobs anyway.

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