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Spurrier Hula Bowl coach, also will be at


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I'm glad to see we kept Stock. While our special teams weren't consitantly making great plays, I'd rate them as a +1. The made a play that won us the Giants game. They were consistant in most others. I could wish COnway had made a few more kicks during his little slide, but... ah well.<br /><br />Who is the new OL coach? That was the other coach from Marty that I thought did a very good job. If you concider where our OL was in preseason to where it was at the end of the season, it's evident the OL coach was pretty good. Of course I tend to take my hat off to any OL coach whose RB sets a franchise record for rushing yards in a season.<br /><br />Anyway, I hope the new OL coach is good, because I think we've gotten rid of 2 pretty good OL coaches in the last 2 years.

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