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OK guys.

I know you are wondering "just what did Blondie offer."

:rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

Just to clear any "other" thoughts......TGF said he wasn't coming because he had to sit by himself.

I said I could get a ticket and sit close.

Didn't want him to have to sit all alone, by himself.

You know us Southern women and our hospitality.



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Oh come on, I could have had them guessing and maybe even some looking up to me with the wondering what Blondie had offered to me.

Of course, if you did offer me anything that would have made them look up to me, I wouldn't have posted a thanks but no thanks post so I guess they knew already. :thud:

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Originally posted by Blondie

Counts enough that you get to buy me a drink!!Blondie

Err ... you mean INSIDE the stadium? Hmmmmm.

Ok, for you only.

(Remind me to take out a small loan before my trip. :) )

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