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A fictional letter from Dan to Vinny


What's our biggest problem on our offense unit?  

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  1. 1. What's our biggest problem on our offense unit?

    • Offensive line
    • Quarterback
    • Running back
    • Tight end
    • Wide receivers

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From the desk of Daniel Snyder.:helmet:

My Dearest Vincent,

What is happening to our fans? Why are the fans booing? Didn’t they see that great completion to Santana? Why were there so many empty seats? I’ve done everything I can to make sure they can see most of the field, and most of them can see the entire field.

I don’t know why the fans boo. Are they booing Jim Zorn? Jim is such a nice guy, and gives great press conferences. Not like that stupid Greg Blache. I hate him.

I cannot understand what is happening. Have I not given the team everything they need to win? I’ve signed the best players I could get. And yet the fans boo.

We need to do something about Jason Campbell. Any big time Quarterbacks available? There must be SOMEONE. I don’t like Todd Collins’ last name, it reminds me of that old soap opera “Dark Shadows” and it gives me nightmares. Barnabas was creepy. And remember when they had “Julia” as a gypsy? God was she ugly. Talk about nightmares.

Perhaps we should get another consultant. We gave Jim some extra eyes on the field, but maybe he can't hear everything. He can't complain about an extra set of ears, can he? See who's available, will you? I’ll make up the cost in beer prices and parking fees. Also, I have a great idea for a new Redskins T-shirt.

I can’t find my wine. The cheese is here, so I guess I’ll eat it.

Bring some wine for dinner tonight, ok? And wear those pants I bought you you for your birthday. ;)

Eternally yours,


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