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Could this be what makes Spurrier's team's so successful?


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My wife and I were doing a little shopping and we came upon a dollar store that she wanted to check out.

As both of us walked in 'one of us with excitement and the other with a puzzled look of frustration and disapointment.

So we walked around and she was just throwing things in the cart and yet I couldn't find anything of interests...

But there in the corner, lay a rack of old videos.(VHS)

...And I stumbled across a 94' Gator Football tape...

on the front of it read "SECond to None! (just the way it is written)...

Obviously a recap of the Gator '94 season...

So of course I said "why not","it's only a buck"...

So when we got home i decided to watch it to see if I could get a better understanding of what Spurriers teams are all about...

Keep in mind too,that I do not watch much college football...

so to me,there was no difference in this video laying their or Madden 2004!!(OK,maybe not)

So the tape recapped most of the games and I believe Florida went 10-1-1 for the season,with losses to Auburn and florida st (i think?)

As they crushed most of the teams on their schedule I was very impressed with this team and their rescilliance...

But you want to know what impressed more than anything (related to post)...?

Their special teams was absolutely awesome!!

Broke the record for like 4 or 5 block punts for touchdowns,their kicker was like perfect for the season Xpoints and field goals and their special teams kickoff unit was just crazy...

So the point of my post is ...

Is it the speed that makes spurriers teams click on every cylinder?

Keep in mind,I realize this was college ball and not the NFL,but I honestly don't remember our Redskins having this kind of speed...EVER!!

I know Gary clark and ricky sanders were very quick...

and we've had fast players on our teams before,but not like this...

So on another not I would like to make a bold prediction...

You know how the most points scored in one game by one team is the Chicago Bears (unfortunately against us 73-0)?

I think Spurrier will break it, in his tenure...

I mean florida was putting up 60 and 70 points at will, so hopefully that will rub off on us...

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When you play aggressive football on any of the 3 parts, team speed is a must to be successful.

Team speed is what Coach Spurrier has always had and has it here in his second year.

Its going to be fun to watch.

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The Gators looked so fast because their opponents were so slow. They'd look pretty damn slow against an NFL team. The Skins may not be fast compared to other NFL teams, but they'd light up the fastest college team.

But you're right about special teams. Spurrier always had incredible athletes waiting in line to start as freshman and sophomores who he used on special teams. Obviously he's not gonna put Champ back there returning punts (hell, he can't catch), but I'd like to see him take some more risks on special teams. Use some starters to try to block a punt. Put Lavar out on kick coverage. Whatever.

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The Skins are fast compared to any NFL team. And that speed will put immense pressure on the opposition and open up avenues of attack. I think you look at a guy like Patrick Johnson who isn't the receiver Derrius Thompson proved to be, but, he's a guy who has so much speed that if you can get him matched up with a safety in the right formation the advantage tilts more heavily to his advantage than with a guy like Thompson.

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I agree with Art that this years WR's are as fast as any other group if not faster.

One thing I'm very excited about is going to training camp and seeing the difference between the qb's and wr's from last year to this year. When I went last year, I didn't see Ramsey because he was still a hold out, so I will basically see 2 completely different starting groups (with the exception of Gardner).

I think it will be interesting to say the least.

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