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Fox greenlights "Drinking With The Stars"


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EDIT: Oops...this is a spoof. But the show would be a great idea.


Fox Greenlights "Drinking With The Stars"

HOLLYWOOD (CAP) - Fox has given the okay to begin production on the pilot for Drinking With The Stars, yet another of the network's spoof-like reality shows. This one is a direct spin-off of ABC's wildly popular hit, Dancing With The Stars, which has been gracing the airwaves since the summer of 2005.

"When football season winds to a close, we're looking for new ideas to engage those fans who have given us hours of their time each week," said Fox TV Distribution Services Coordinator Pat Melham. "So when Rocket Science Labs approached us with this idea, we were gung-ho."

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Sounds stupid. Just another tool to propel stars popularity, but entertainment that I can see on any given night without the commercials or (beeps) during the fights.

Instead of "spoof"ing shows the should try to change the landscape like they did when they first started out.

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