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DB Coverage, Campbell's hesistancy. Are they related??

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So here is my question. I have been wondering for a while about why our DB's always line up so far off opposing receievers, dating back to the Gregg Williams days.

I have also wondered why Jason Campbell, while obviously having the physical tools to be an ELITE QB, but an apparent lack of confidence when it comes time for him to release the football. You know, the plays where the it appears to be a timing route, Campbell goes to pass, but pulls it down and checks down to the flat where usually a RB or Cooley are waiting.

It crossed my mind yesterday that our DB lineup schemes could be related to JC being so indecisive. Do you think that in practice, our DB's line up that far off our WR's?

If so, that could result in Campbell having better targets when he is on the practice field, but yield the results on Sundays that we see (due to opposing DB's actually lining up 3 to 5 yards off our WR's as opposed to the 8-15 our DB's line up off other teams WR's.

Think about it, how many times over the years have we heard about our QB's and WR's looking like world beaters on the practice field, only to show unimpressive results when game time comes?

It could have a lot to do with with our coordinators' (Williams and Blache being from the same family coaching tree) stubborn prevent-esque schemes that make us want to pull our hair out.

So I was wondering if it would be accurate to assume that this is what our sputtering offense is used to seeing in practice day after day, which makes them look lost on gameday when the opposing is actually covering us tight, making it harder for JC to read his receivers?

I could be totally off here, but I just I would throw it out there to see if any of you have ever wondered the same thing?

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I think your point is a very good one but I think more so than Campbell not being able to throw off rythm is our receivers probably don't get enough reps working against press coverage, especially the young guys that need the experience. That would explain some of the struggles of our receivers to work up in press coverage.

Someone started a thread about Moss giving up on most of his routes against man coverage. Maybe he needs more reps in practice.

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That's what I am saying. It appears that after the "call out" by Zorn to Blache last week about the loose coverage all the time, Blache is just going to be a stubborn prick and not change it. And he will continue to see us give up 1st downs on 3rd & long situations 50% of the time as a result.

I love this team with every ounce of my being, but I am really looking forward to the day when we have a completely new regime on both sides of the ball.

This "bend but don't break" defense when we have all of that talent, and the "play not to lose" offense that we have had for the last decade are both going to be the death of me. I cannot wait til the day when we play cutthroat and aggressive football again.

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I read your quote,i couldn't agree with you more it so funny i was watching the

giants game last week it was driving me nuts why our db's were playing so far off

the wide recievers,manning was killing us with those quick hitches and slants the giants

were taking what we gave em,its 4th and 2 and i see the db's are playing 6 yards off the

line of scrimage,i couldn't believe it i'm not a coach but i do have good knowledge of football you think we would of made adjustments after the burned us for three quick short passes all for first downs.i'm not saying play up on the line of scrimmage every play

but you have to mix it up.

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