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Time to revist: Do our WRs get open?


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Watching every game at the sportsbar I can't help but notices WRs on other teams getting open........wide open.

Lets take DeSean Jackson for a moment. Assuming Santana Moss hasn't lost any speed what exactly is the difference between these two WRs? They are both very quick and fast and very undersized.

Why is it that I always see Jackson streaking downfield open, and when he gets open he seems to get WIDE OPEN. He isn't a rookie anymore, so it's not like the defense is just ignoring him cause they don't know who he is.

Then I turn my focus back to the Redskins playing the Rams and I see Moss running a 3 yard route towards the sideline.

How is Moss, a speedy but undersized WR, running towards the sideline, a good way to utilize him? So what if he catches that ball, what is he going to do turn into The Incredible Moss and start running over CBs and Linebackers?

I just don't know if our scheme is hampering the strengths of our WRs because I watched under Joe Gibbs, Santana Moss become a dangerous weapon every week he lined up on the line.

Or is there times in the game where Moss is streaking downfield open and he is never looked at?

If the reason is, it is because he is being double-teamed, then who is it that isn't beating their one-on-one coverage, ever?

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