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Match these QB's to their week 2 stats


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You guys kill me...One week its JC next it is Zorn..or Snyder...is there anything at all to like about the REDSKINS or should someone just pull for the Ravens..Based on this site a person would conclude that the REDSKINS are the worst sport team in all of history..I would laugh my rear off if SNYDER moved the team to another state..it would serve a lot of you right..oh but the same fans would cry and boo hoo on why would an owner move HIS team..you guys better be carefull what you wish for ..hate SNYDER..maybe he moves..Hate JC ...Maybe we loose him in free agency ..and end up with Someone who is way worse..Hate Zorn..YEA..Lets start all over from scratch..makes no sense at all..Why not ..Just see how the season plays out..I predict a playoff run..

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