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We got some nasty weather coming

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A whole bunch of severe tstorms in a row coming, I'm in Las Cruces. Kinda exciting and kinda worrisome. If there's flooding I'll have to report to Emergency Management and work my ass off all night. The last time I had to it was a good time and I wound up loaning the county my john boat to fix a dam outlet. When it rains in the desert it usually rains like a mofo. :)

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This is not good...my roof never recovered from the last round of storms like this a few summers ago, and leaks in a couple of spots with just standard rain showers. I just got off the roof trying to get a tarp down just in case, but ran out of time (lightning was getting too close for my liking).

I am in San Eli (just past Socorro).

Edit: Nevermind...looks like at worst we will catch the outer edge of one of the red cells, if that. Lightning all around, but still clear overhead here :)

Edit 2: Spoke too soon, just got a real nice soaking rain - 15 minutes and my front yard looks like a great fishing spot. On the plus side, tarp helped so the few drips were no worse than normal. Hopefully we will be getting a cash infusion soon-ish, and I can get that section of the roof fixed (about a 10' x 10' section of shingles need to be replaced plus the sub-roofing).

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