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Redskins fan in Philly


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I just moved to Philly and for the first year I can remember, I am without the NFL Sunday Ticket. My question is do any of you guys get together in Philly at a bar and watches the Skins games each week and if not where are the best placeS to watch Redskins games. I live close to N. Broad St.

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Make sure you listen to AM610 when the Eagles lose. Its hilarious.

That radio station is a total joke and I love to listen to thier loser fans and announcers after a loss. It is a very entertaining couple of days!!! They have the worst Sports talk show hosts in the country. Howard eskin is without a doubt the biggest bootlicker in the business. If he had to relay on his knowledge for a living he would be a greeter at a Walmart!

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i would visit philly a lot and being a redskins fan i would go to fox and hound. its on 15th and spruce. i ran into a few 'skins fans there.
Yea I will have to check that place out next weekend. I doubt they are on vs the Rams here in Philly...
I just moved to Philly too. I'm actually going to the Rams game, but after that I've heard to go to fox and hound
I might check out fox and hound too.
I second this notion...fox and hound on Spruce. GOOD FRIGGIN FOOD too!

Hey guys, I've lived in Philly for the past five years, and you're all right. The best place to go to watch the games are on Fox and Hound, 15th and Spruce. They carry EVERY game, and if you get enough fans there, they'll put yours up on the big screens and turn up the sound for your game only.

My friend and I have been going there every Sunday for the past 4 years. The food is just alright (especially once you've tried everything on the menu multiple times), but it's the only bar in Center City that is reliable (trust me, I've looked).

I'm not going to be there this Sunday for the NYG game (I'm actually going to see it live!), but my friend Christian and I (Padam) will be there every Sunday. Look for the tall white dude (Christian) who usually wears a Portis jersey and the shorter Indian dude (me, Padam) who wears a 75th anny ST jersey. We're always happy to cheer on the Skins with other Skins fans.

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This is perfect - I'm Matt and I just moved to Philly myself. I'll show up at the Fox and Hound for tomorrow's game if anyone will be there (and definitely for the Rams game the following week). I'm easy to spot and would love to hang with other Skins fans. I'm asian and will be sporting a #17 Campbell jersey and Redskins hat.

PM me if you are going...

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