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I am looking for some people interested in taking over a corner of the local Hooters near my house during the upcoming Season. I have spoken to the manager and he would let us decorate it up in Burgandy and Gold.

I am tired of watching the Skins all by my lonesome down here! That Hooters has a corner for the Cowgirls now we need to represent!

How many Skins fans have we got around these parts anyway?


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There used to be a place on Piedmont road down from the old Gold Club that was ALL Redskins. Sandbar was the name. They played Hail to the Redskins over the radio when we scored and it was literally 100 percent Skins fans on Sundays. Dont know if it's still there.

Plus a couple of guys from the CPND board used to meet up at a bar in Marietta witha bunch of Skins fans.

Might be better to do that than start your own.

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The Bucket Shop is a dedicated Redskins Bar on Sunday. Crowds average 35-50 people, and Hail to the Redskins is always sung. We have banners and flags already up. $1 wing specials and $3.50 24 oz pints as well. It's a fun crew that even has a mailing listing that is run.

Across from Lennox Mall in the Terry School Building.

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