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Hello! Seeking four tix, 4 pm game


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Good day sirs.

I have been told that it's easy to get tix outside the stadium "day of" at FedEx, but I'm hesitant to make the four hour drive to Washington from upstate w/o them in hand.

My sons are age 14 and 13 and are becoming big Skins fans. They want to go to their first game this year. I am a single dad. I can afford to bring them to a game, but...with THREE people (and maybe a new GF) in tow...a good deal would make things easier!

Anyone got a decent deal for 4 tix and parking? They are stoked to visit the ExtremeSkins tailgate too.

A 4 pm game would be best. PM me...

Thanks all!


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Hate to break it to you, but we dont have any HOME 4PM games


... at least not yet, anyway.

Only two home games on Fox when they have a DH ...

4 October (Bucs) - not likely unless Dallas-Denver are both 0-3

6 December (Saints) - only if Dallas-NY Giants gets moved or a flop

One of our AFC home games is on a CBS DH day ...

18 October (Chiefs) - not likely unless Tennessee-New England is a flop


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