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For Those Of Us In A Certain Age Range...


Which FIVE of these cartoons are the best?  

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  1. 1. Which FIVE of these cartoons are the best?

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...For rabbit-ear TV kids of the 80s, was there anything on network TV more exciting to see that this CBS Bumper? And I actually remember this

, even though I was 3 years old at the time. They really knew how to do excitement back then. Listen to that brass!

The TV commercial thread got me thinking about this. Man, the mysteries to be found on the other side of those intros. Obscure, generally mediocre movies galore.

Does anyone else remember this "In The News" thing that used to run on Saturday mornings to teach kids a little bit about the world? The little electronic ditty at the end of the segment REALLY brings back memories.

Here's one from a bit earlier. A Who concert crowd goes bananas in Cincinnati. Can you imagine kids being shown this footage today, and that awesome quote? Fat chance.

And then, cable. This MTV Moon-landing station ID/self-ad was considered innovative. How times change.

Guilty pleasure addition: You can't talk about 80s network TV in Baltimore/DC without a tribute to

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Awesome stuff. I remember when TV movie/mini-series nights were events, we'd pop some corn and settle in and watch Wizard of Oz or Shogun or something.

I have to say though that no 80s TV nostalgia thread would complete without This.

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