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If he gets the ball to the receivers and the offense works with him playing, sure.

But I haven't seen that happen yet against an above average defense. When the D is tough we score 3-10 points.

Part of the problem is probably the fact that our 2 top WR's aren't WCO receivers, and Campbell hesitates too much, but we can't wait until we have the best player at each position to start winning either. Remember all the bad receivers Favre and McNugget we're successful with? And Hasslebeck in Seattle? I think that if we look at Mc Nabb and Hasslebeck we should know what Campbell should look like but he isn't there yet.

So my answer is that this isn't a binary question.

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Based on what you said, I would put you down as a "no". Basically, the question comes down to this: Are you unhappy with Campbell and think that he shouldn't be starting?

Well I think the FO needs to man up and either stick with him like Seattle did with Hasslebeck, GB did with Favre, SF did with Montana, until they were good, which will piss off everybody, including me because I didn't think he was right for the offense from the beginning.

Or they needed to find someone who could win in the WCO last year. Jeff Garcia wasn't pursued, Favre wasn't either, nobody was, so the FO believed that JC can be their WCO savior, right? The WCO has taken 3-5 years for QB's to be successful. Montana 3, Hasslebeck was no where near Campbell after his 4th year in the WCO (2nd starting) Favre took 3 and he had Sterling Sharpe and a very weak division. So obviously this isn't a win now offense. Why even try it if you expect instant results? Schottenheimer could have won now here last year.

So i'm behind JC since he is the only real option on the roster now, but if he isn't the guy, and it looks to me like he may not be unless we have the 1991 Redskins OL and 2 Pro Bowl WCO receivers, then the FO shouldn't expect miracles from Zorn. That's why I now call it the Beavis and Butthead FO.

The FO will cut it in the middle and we won't get either a successful Campbell in this offense or the guy they should have already signed if they wanted to win right away. That's how dumb these clowns are. Zorn and Campbell, to me, are gone after this year unless a miracle happens and they do what Walsh and Montana couldn't, Holmgren and Favre couldn't, and Holmgren and Hasslebeck couldn't. They need to win in year 2. Zorn is expected to do more than Walsh did with Montana and that's really the only reason I have doubt's about Campbell.

That defeats the entire purpose of switching offenses, right? But that is what our 2 headed ADHD FO Monster is all about. The whole thing gets blown up again if Campbell doesn't win 10+ games which makes you wonder why they feel the need to change the entire offense every couple years while expecting the Sun and the Moon right away, but that's Snyderatto in a nutshell.

Not only did they expect Zorn to do in a year, or 2, what it took the so called WCO geniuses 3-5 years to accomplish but they also picked the entire staff for him to do it with.

So we have a Coryell Offense QB and WR's, a Coryell Offense OL and Coordinator, but a WCO QB coach and Head coach, to go with a passive D that do alright if we already had a 25-30 point offense.

It's a soup sandwich.

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