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Keith Eloi Just Signed WR - Vertical Leap


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The Skins need receivers who can leap since Jason Campbell's accuracy is always a question mark with his inability to hit guys in stride, and his bad habit of throwing the ball over the guy's head.

:doh:Whatever, did you see him putting it right into the nets during OTAs? Funny how the only people saying Campbell doesn't have accuracy or this or that are a couple hundred disgruntled posters here on ES. Go back and read this: http://extremeskins.com/showthread.php?t=287777 , it was meant for you all. Have some faith and have some patience.

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This guy in space spells trouble. Punt return and kickoff return

Last years 3 rookies were going t change to league.

Everybody in camp looks like an all pro right now. Not saying this guy won't come in, win a job, and catch 60 balls, its just that the first step is to set foot on a field in preseason and the 2nd step is to perform.

Then, if the coaches have their minds made up, it still may not be enough. Marcus Mason is proof positive of that. You lead everybody in rushing but you still get cut, because some coaches are just plain stupid. They will play the draft number game and think because a guy was drafted in the 2nd round or whatever round, then that guy must be better than the free agent.

So we have a long way to go before rookie phenoms make the team.

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