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The new Metallica Album Blows!!!!!


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Metallica died years ago. I made the mistake of getting excited about this album only to be completely pissed off. Im glad I got it off KaZaa without buying it. Otherwise I may have broken it and sent James the pieces.

It sucks.

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I saw the MTV thing on them and heard thier last song during the credits( @ 60 secs of it). I guess it was the new single. I thought it sounded awesome!!! However, I heard the single on the radio and their were hints of coolness in it. Lots of sick fast riffs and drum parts. Its overproduced and James Hetfield simply sucks when he is trying to sing like a singer. He needs to keep growling and get pissed. I gave the song an F+....

As for the sentiment that Metallica was killed in the early 90's, that is 100% correct. They were slaughtered by some fag named Bob Rock.................what a bunch of idiots.

I will say this is by far better( at least this song) than anything I have heard from them since the Black album............

That isn't saying much though....

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Originally posted by Jimbo

AMEN TOMMY! Zep at it's finest. Takes me back to those days of yesteryear when I saw them live at Cap Centre. Other than the Ted Nugent/Van Halen concert, I have never seen so much :high:

The ZEP CD AND DVD kick ass, the DVD made me think about the CAP CENTRE shows in the 70's and how lucky my friends and I were to see them. A few of us went to see the Plant Page show just to be nostalgic needless to say it was not the same.

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