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DMN: First day of draft likely to be snoozer for Dallas Cowboys


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There's nothing Jerry Jones likes better than wheeling and dealing on draft day, but Saturday is probably going to be pretty boring for the Cowboys' owner.

That's because, as of now, he has only one pick Saturday – the 51st overall.

It's hard to move up when that's all the ammunition you have. So don't expect the Cowboys to do much on the first day of the draft.

Jerry will probably make a lot of phone calls and inquiries, but without a first-round pick – they sent it to Detroit for Roy Williams – then Dallas won't be able to get into the first round.

Now, I would expect the Cowboys to move all over the place Sunday, considering Dallas has two fourth-round picks and three fifth-round picks. Jerry can move all over the board with those picks.

If he wants to move up in the third round, he can use the fourth-round picks to do so. If he wants a certain player in the fourth round, he can use his multiple fourth-round picks or fifth-round picks to get the job done.

If he exercises patience on Day 1, Jerry can control the draft on Day 2. :doh: It doesn’t get any better than that for him.

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