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CNN: High court asked to untangle reverse discrimination case.


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Did I miss something here? They ask this question in a society that still sees women as a minority, eventhough they out number men. Nov. 4th didn't mean isms are dead. Crazy....


High court asked to untangle reverse discrimination case

CNN Supreme Court Producer

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Supreme Court's conservative majority expressed varying degrees of concern Wednesday over a civil rights case brought by 20 firefighters, most of them white, who claim reverse discrimination in promotions.

The suit was filed in response to New Haven, Connecticut, officials' decision to throw out results of promotional exams that they said left too few minorities qualified.

At issue is whether the city intentionally discriminated, in violation of both federal law and the Constitution's equal protection clause.

The high court is being asked to decide whether there is a continued need for special treatment for minorities, or whether enough progress has been made to make existing laws obsolete, especially in a political atmosphere where an African-American occupies the White House.

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There is a lot of merit to this case. These firemen were denied their promotions, that they passed a test for, because too few minorities also passed....That is discrimination, no doubt about it. If they were upset because a minority got the promotion over them it may be different, but these guys met a standard and were passed over because of their race.

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