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I always laugh when I see people FREAKIN' OUT when we organize a private workout for a a potential draftee , or a veteran is brought in for a workout. Remember, the other side of the sports biz are sports agents, players agents and marketing agents. As much as we are throwing out smokescreens against other teams, so are they. It's common for them to pick up the phone and call Vinny and say "I need a favor , workout Byron this week because I need the press on him, we've stalled in a few other negotiations..." Ofcourse a GM of a team would oblige because certainly in the future you'll be working again with that agent on a potential signing, and you'll need his influence to help guide his client your way...it's the good ol' boys club!

I'm just saying... don't get crazy when you hear of these things, there are , at times, other motives that have NOTHING to do with The Redskins!

(for the record, I think Leftwitch would be a good sign)


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Of course those types of things do occur. But it is not the common practice.

I've noticed a really obvious trend:

When our FO brings in someone that the fans here do not like, it's always a smokescreen or some evil-genius-super-plan.

When our FO brings in someone they like, it's never a smokescreen and its always because Danny is trying to win.

In other words, our reliance on that argument is usually a bunch of bull ****.

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