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I am sick of LavarLeap

herb mul-key

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Dude...you are a "friend" of a player or players...so F'N what. Wow you knew we were going burgundy on burgundy.... congratulations!:rolleyes:

To me your nothing but a immature crybaby mouthpiece getting your yaya's out crying on exstremeskins for some players BS me first attitude.... The coach is holding you accountable for fumbling, penalties, incorrect route running, not practicing. WA WA WA...losers complain...winners try to get better.

CP could have and should have accepted that he hadn't practiced and was playing poorly like a man and come out next week ready.

He is worried about his rushing title.

Are you helping the team? NO

Do they players want to be seen as not playing well? No

Are they at times not playing well? Yes

Do immature players vent about how "it's not their fault" because they are scared about there jobs and image? Yes

So LavarLeap...whom by the way your namesake had a problem being a player and acted like a baby as well. HMMMMM? Is he your idol?

Dude... LavarLeap your posts suck....you are not the spokeperson for the players on this board...not even close IMO and your attempt to be so in a way that is so immature and hurtful pisses me off.

DO NOT TAKE LAVARLEAP's posts as GOSPEL for the team attitude...he is just some whiny players biatch mouthpiece!

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