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Do not EVER, EVER use MetroPCS cell phone service.


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MetroPCS is absolutely the most ATROCIOUS customer service I have seen in my life.

Not just for cell phone service - but ANY business. That is NOT an exaggeration. And it is NOT a fluke - I have repeatedly and consistently received absolutely horrendous service from them from the beginning. I think they just have regional service in Florida, so if you don't live there, you may not have to bother.

But here is just a few of the many BS things I have had to put up with.

- I have been hung up on by their reps 3 times.

- I have had my service cut-off TWICE within SIX days due to THEIR accounting error - and it was the SAME error both times. So they made the exact same mistake twice in 6 days.

- I have insisted on speaking with a supervisor with their phone reps,

and they refuse, because they consider it "not a supervisor-type call".

Never heard of such a thing.

- Since there is no contract and their policy is that you pre-pay each month, and if you cancel after that, you get NO refund on your un-used service or pro-rated charge for your prepaid month.

- The people who work in their stores tell you a bunch of BS and lies about their policy that the company will NOT back up, no matter what.

Do not EVER use MetroPCS

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