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- No cell phone network coverage- fixed


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Ok, I can't get any 'bars' on my phone. strange very strange. I charged it this morning, have turned it off and on sevaral times. Took the battery out, the sim card out, turned it back on..and for some really odd reason, can't get any service. I try to make a call and it just keeps saying, no network coverage and I still don't have any bars.

any ideas techy guys?

EDIT: Contacted ATT and they said their entire network is down. this ****ing sucks

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Must be local to Spokane, I'm in Seattle and I have service.

ok so now I'm really mad. I just called again and they guy said something about a satellite and that it is affecting all of Idaho, Oregon and Washington. UGH!!! this is driving me crazy.

I guess since you have coverage in Seattle, that maybe I will soon. The guy I just spoke to said they are hoping to have it all fixed in a couple hours.

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